Monday, December 24, 2012

december moments.

so...i haven't been in this space for sooo long...about a month or so because the last time i tried to upload told me my limit was reached.  i was going to take care of it after the holidays but i guess for at least this post, i don't have too!  maybe waiting four weeks helps:)   so, many wishes and love and peace.  hold your families tight and be thankful.  enjoy the return of light, the holidays, the friends and family, food and end of year festivities.  be well.  see you soon. 

the tree and train...beloved christmas treasures.
playing cards at papa's gig.
making ornaments.
many many walks at *our* trestle bridge.
our yearly nutcracker tradition with zevy this time!!  (he fell asleep at the very very end)
my ballet boy.
zevy as drosselmeyer.
three boys.
salt dough ornaments!
imagine the chaos...
more walks to the trestle bridge...playing drums on the way.
the first ski trip of the year...up to sugarloaf!!! so much fun!!
better late than never...asher's baby that i made him (from a kit) for chanukah!  finished just the other day but loved all the same.

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  1. great moments! love the profile picture of the boys!