Monday, November 19, 2012

busy days.

just a shot of a busy kitchen.
the large table and the peaceful *before*.
the crazy/cozy feasting.
hanging out by the fire (with whiskey for some) when the inside got too crowded. 
taking Nahum to a ballet performance of Hansel and Gretel.

clay turkeys with real feathers from the turkeys we just butchered.  i was so happy to think of using the real feathers and not the store bought ones (that we didn't have anyway!)!!
our thankful tree...
apple many apples..
We had a really busy week and weekend and this week is another busy one.  I decided to stay home and only work on Thanksgiving crafts and playing instead of focusing on schoolwork.  Good thing since after lunch Nahum announced that his belly hurt.  He ended up taking a nap and laying on the couch for the rest of the day (no dinner!!).  I haven't seen him down like this in a couple of years!  What a bummer for my guy.  Hope he feels better in the morning!

We had our usual *Friends Thanksgiving* at our place.  Rick and his people started it eighteen years ago...!  What a great evening of feasting and socializing.  There were many kids in attendance as well (more and more as the years trickle by).  We had a huge table set for 32 and with the kids there weren't enough seats!  It made our house cramped and cozy with adults and kids alike shouting and laughing. 

We also managed to sneak in a few Thanksgiving crafts today before the holiday (phew).  On Sunday I took Nahum to see Hansel and Gretel put on by one of the local-ish ballet companies around here.  He really loves his ballet class and if I pretend not to notice I can catch him twirling and leaping and sashaying around the house.  


  1. Pennie!!! How are you? Your boys look amazing, I can't believe how big they've gotten! And your friends Thanksgiving, what an awesome idea. I think I remember reading about you doing this years ago, and loving the idea then too, 18 years is quite a tradition! I've just been reading through and catching up, I am SO happy that you are still here in this space.

    We went unplugged for a long time, exploring and such, and ended up in our new home farming in Virginia. It's been crazy, good, but crazy. I'm looking forward to catching up (and maybe we can finally meet next summer when we get back up to Maine:-)

    1. Michelle!!! You are back!! I have to admit I was a bit worried about you guys (over reactive mama brain). I am sooooo sooooo glad to *see* you. Are you back at your blog? I can't wait to hear about your adventure. And I would love to meet you guys! Take care and keep in touch!
      xo, Pennie

  2. Oh Pennie, I'm so sorry you were worried. I didn't mean to drop off so abruptly; Steve's mom got really sick suddenly and passed away a few months later, then things got so crazy with the move. I am posting again, it's nice to be back. Hope you guys had a great "regular" Thanksgiving too:-)