Tuesday, October 23, 2012

homeschool happenings (a new reader!!!).

it has been a crazy couple of weeks around here.  i just finished up working for the season (yesterday!!).  about four weeks ago i had picked up an extra shift.  that meant six shifts in five days...which meant that every day i was either taking the boys to a class and/or heading to work.  i didn't have one single day that i didn't have to leave the house.  how crazy is that?!  it definitely showed in corners of our (exceedingly dirty) home, the corners of our (nasty dirty car) and the corners of our (overtired) selves.  i am so grateful for the money (and therefore a less stressful winter) but even more grateful that my job is only 5 1/2 months out of the year.  yesterday we had to clean the restaurant for a few hours and say our goodbyes for the winter and i had the two older boys with me for moral support and help.  my folks had little ashybee for the morning for a little one on one time.  then we all went to our favorite dog walking place and both dogs and all three boys had some serious run time!

today was our first official stay home all day-day and it was amazing.  we got so much school work done and made tea twice!!  for our crafting afternoon we dipped leaves into beeswax and made some beeswax mustaches for some Halloween decorations this year.  in the past two or three weeks we have been focusing more on school work (if i wasn't too tired) and in just that short period of time we welcomed a new reader to the household!!  it has seriously blown my mind watching him struggle, give up, come back, try again and like that figure it out!!  he is so super proud (and so am i) and loves to read to his brothers (in the car when they can't run away from him).  it is pretty sweet.  he is also loving working with numbers using the math gnomes story (which i swore i wasn't going to do...).  we are using the oak meadow first grade (handed down to me) and the earthschooling first grade.  i love both of them for different reasons.  and now i truly understand how wonderful homeschooling can be.  nahum really looks forward to school each day which is such a change from just a month ago.  yahoo!
"dick and jane"  nahum's first book! 
our favorite place to walk/run the dog with fall colors (almost all gone!).
lots of running!!
lots more running
ready for winter?
unhappy landing.
beeswax dipping
i am the walrus...


  1. I am happy for you and your homeschool days. Chessa is reading now too and she is just so sweet with her little voice saying the words, oh my.
    I hope you are now able to enjoy many wonderful cozy beautiful home days!

  2. Ohh the good old days! Love that you are back home!

  3. Ohh the good old days! Love that you are back home!

  4. A new reader! That's exciting! I hope you can have many, many days at home now that you're off work for the season. I know how much I love to be home when I've been running around. I'm really a homebody. We are using the oak meadow first grade curriculum and I love the gnome story for math. Why didn't you want to use it?

    Much love, Kyndale