Thursday, September 27, 2012

into the freezer...raspberries.

 after a very enticing comment from a friend regarding lots of raspberries at a nearby farm we scrapped the apple picking plans and went for the raspberries instead.  i had never been raspberry picking before and it was a peaceful event for me and the boys.  we had to call ahead and make a *reservation* (so the farmer would be around!) but we were the only ones there.  the rows were loaded with the berries and my only regret was not having the husband along as well (twice as many!).  the boys occupied themselves which meant eating so many berries it had me worried (as in we would be out all day and where are the bathrooms!).  i managed to pick enough for a batch of jam and some extras thanks to nahum's hard work.  he picked a quart-not bad for all the eating and brother wrangling he did.  after, we ate our lunch while i chatted with the farmer and annoyed him with questions and his history.  he has been farming there for 34 years!!  he couldn't believe i was determined/crazy enough to pick with three young kids and i told him it wasn't much different from his job of weeding by hand 12 miles of strawberry row three times a summer!  just don't think about it and it won't seem so overwhelming, right!?  so...into the freezer went the berries because right now...right now we don't have anytime for canning or jam-ing.  everything we have harvested is in the freezer...all the blackberries and currants, tomatoes...this just wasn't the summer for us.  my work schedule didn't allow it. another four or so weeks it will all be over and then...let the canning begin!  i just hope i can get to my basil before the first frost, sigh.

playing with milkweed pods.  such a great source of entertainment for the boys!

checking out a new to us library (in a different town).  i tell ya...i was like a kid in a candy store!!

managed to sneak a photo of nahum during ballet! (the boy in the back)

after a night of playing in papa's studio...inspiration strikes.  please let my children be musical...i am so so not.  although i do love to dance:) 


  1. hey gal, where is said raspberry farm?? i would love to get some too! beautiful photos...

    1. silver ridge in bucksport! they had a lot. i wish i had more hands for picking!!