Tuesday, September 25, 2012

homeschool on the homestead.

as the seasons shift i have begun to feel the draw to my own home.  i no longer wish to drive far and wide just to go play.  my boys have begun to request i grab my knitting and a chair and sit outside and watch them play instead of going swimming and seeing friends all over.  now, i do love summer but it isn't really my season.   mine is winter.  the coziness, the soups, the snow and cold, the sports, the dark.  i am beginning to feel rejuvenated from the draining heat of summer and constant buzz of activity/work.  i work 30-35 hours a week (five and a half months out of the year) and once august hits i bury my head and plow through angry and tired, hot and complaining.  i loose it a bit.  with the temps in the low 60's now and work not quite as busy my sanity returns and my willingness to do something such as homeschool my seven year old.  grade one seems a bit more serious than the on again off again *rhythm* of kindergarten.  you know...sometimes you do stuff but mostly you don't.  i have a curriculum that i follow like i follow any recipe...as an outline, an idea to get me started and that is all.  i am still trying out the schooling system with the two younger brothers needing our attention as well.  it is getting easier.  i put down october 1 as our start date on the intent to homeschool letter so i feel anything i do before then is pretty great.  i have some wonderful nature books that i use more than my curriculum.  and i have discovered some perfect for us language arts in a curriculum that in the past i have scoffed at!  isn't that always the case?!  right now we are working on vowel sounds (long and short) and basic word reading.  we have had a breakthrough because what has brought fights and tears just a month ago now is met with eagerness and excitement as it begins to click in nahum's mind.  i am so so blessed to be witness to this learning process.  i am so grateful to be homeschooling for this reason.  so for now it is good.  the bits here and there we do...i write it all down and snap as many pictures as possible so that when i doubt myself...  here are some photos from our days as we begin grade one. 
beaches on cool fall days for driftwood boat building.

nahum working on his boat through frustrations of a quicker mind than hands:)

testing the boat...trial and error...

cute boy!

check out our eggs!

leaf baby garland inspired by Our Ash Grove.

nature walks.

ballet or soccer, nahum you choose...and choose he did!

brother power!!

class time with Koviashuvik

4-H lego club/robotics apple picking trip

the turkeys on the homestead this year (look great!!).
a boy and his knife-made by papa with a deer antler handle (his dream come true!).


  1. oh! I am excited to see the leaf garland- it came out beautifully!
    All that you say about summer and winter and home school resonates with me. It is so wonderful to watch them learn, and to witness their growth and change- it is true that suddenly it seems a door has opened and not only are they now ready to learn a concept, but they love it too!
    We also generally follow the outline of a given curriculum as a guide, and branch off to do our own thing. It's nice to have that guide to work from, to get ideas and such.
    Love, Melanie
    PS I love the striped vest. :)

  2. What curriculum are you using? I'm still getting in the groove of homeschooling. The shift from summer to fall takes about a month for me! ♥

    1. kyndale, we are using some oak meadow (which was given to me-first grade) and i purchased the earthschooling curriculum online. i like them both for very different reasons. i really wanted to use some enki stuff but they only sell in packages and it was super super expensive (i liked the multicultural-ness of it). sometimes i find the waldorf world a bit to limiting for my tastes and earthschooling has a nice around the worlds feel to it. we are still definitely working out the schedule and kinks and all that jazz as well and i imagine it will take quite some time before if ever, we settle onto the perfect method for us!! what curriculum do you guys use? i have also seen the christopherus and last year i bought a little flower garden. i wish there was a curriculum rental system...a try before you buy!! xoxo