Saturday, September 22, 2012

common ground fair.

sneaking back into this space to post about one of my favorite times of the year, the maine organic farmers and gardeners association's common ground country fair!  it truly is a welcome to fall (happening right around the equinox every september) and a great way to end the summer and start the coming school year.  friday they showcase students from around the state that have worked hard to create and sell their very own products ranging from woolens and baked goods to hot sauces and candles, wooden swords and cardboard skateboards, leather pouches, lego earrings and on and on.  it is an amazing tent to walk through.  and for this reason we always make sure to be there on friday.  usually our family camps out all weekend and volunteers but this year due to work and a puppy at a kennel and a certain tazmanian devil-like two year old, we had only one day (which wasn't even close to being enough).  there are so many wonderful talks and some really tasty (all organic and sugar free) food.  it is a wonderful place to be barefoot and carefree, great for running into friends from all over and even meeting a few new ones!  i can't wait until next year, we plan on arriving for the pre-fair set up and camping for much of the week/weekend!  there really is nothing better then spending some time whether it is a day or three, with like minded people learning and watching and having a great time.  happy fall!!
asher on the tractor ride up to the fair grounds.
nahum. cardboard sledding...a bit frustrating toward the end of the day when all the grass is gone and kids are tired!
zevy ripping it up at the sledding hill!
even rick had a laugh!
nahum and asher making flatbread.
new this year!  a children's homesteading booth!! 
asher, zev and rick admiring the heritage breed pigs.
is this pig smiling?  i thought so.

mama and the boys (zev in the background)...does this count as a nice photo of me and my kiddos?! 
hay bale jumping.
little ashybee jumping just like his *ya-ya's* (what he calls his brothers).
he waited all day for this activity.
on the way out.


  1. When I get back to Maine sometime, I'm planning it around your fair. It looks like so much wholesome fun! ♥

    And yes, it's a great pic of you and the kids!

    1. kyndale...i hope you get back to maine and get to enjoy the fair. it is super fun! let me know someday when that is and i will be sure to meet you! how fun would that be?! pennie

    2. I would love to meet you and your family in person! :)

  2. We were there Friday. It is my favorite fair of the year.

    1. it is our favorite fair of the year as well. maybe someday we will run into you there!! happy fall! pennie

  3. We love the fair, but b/c we are more than 9 hours away...we haven't made the trip in 4 years. Maybe next year! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. it really is wonderful...i imagine with your farm though, it is hard to get away for more than a day or so!! thanks for the comment...i loved checking out your blog!