Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Problem Solved.

My problem was blurry photos each time I uploaded a post.  It was so very frustrating.  I had noticed it for awhile and my seemingly non blurry blog (from times past) was now a disgusting mess whenever I looked at it. It was all due to my browser!!  Finally I figured out my problem and now feel very motivated to get back at it!! Really, I do!  I am so glad that I didn't give up and quit which had been running through my mind lately.  I really love having all my old posts to look back on for many reasons (were my kids really that little last year...and we grew what, when?!-that sort of thing).  So.  I will try to continue on and get back into documenting that unruly garden and crazy kids again!  Yeehaw!  So now I will post a montage of photos with random captions to make for one heck of a crazy mishmash of a blog post.
leaf boats in the deluge from the basement sump.
just too cute at 18 months.
saying hello to himself...ack...could you get any cuter?!
a true fish lover with a fresh catch...i tell ya, the boy was in heaven!
discovering how hard this boy can work!!  
um. biking in the nude, with boots.
seeing how high (and fast) this littlest boy can climb, yikes!  (newly finished treehouse!!)
working in the greenhouse while all three kiddos are busy playing (a relief for this mama and papa to be able to get stuff done a bit easier this year)!!

and there we have it...may in a nutshell.  next up...the hectic pace of june and on into the summer!!

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