Tuesday, June 26, 2012

homestead happenings::mid to late june

The Homestead::Upper Garden (actually this is from the 15th...much bushier now!!)

 a few years ago i really kept up with my homestead happenings...posting and photographing-digital note taking, if you will.  i love to go back and check out where we were and what we grew and ate.  last year...nothing.  this year i shall try again.  the gardens are really going buck wild right now.  we have had so much rain in the past few days and all the plants have jumped so much!!  we are still getting things planted (and re-planted,-cucumber beetles, damn you!).  rick and i decided that we would really scale back and only grow for us this year (last year we did a 7 full share CSA in addition to everything else we have going on here).  we still aren't raising any pigs (two years in a row now).  we are only raising 8 turkeys and of course our meat chickens and our layers.  no ducks, no extra anything.  everything was so unmanageable last year both financially and mentally/physically that we just want to take our time and raise what we have with care and time.  it feels so much better.  tonight while i was outside smashing a few cucumber beetles and squash bugs i even found a baby zuke!!  our potatoes are about to blossom and although we got our peas in rather late they are loaded with flowers.  tomatoes look great...and even the melons aren't too shabby.  we replanted beans (slugs) and will get around to the brassicas someday (flea beetles).  all in all i can't complain...oh! even our grapes are looking good...the last time i harvested grapes i think i only had one babe:) 
newest additions...eight bronze turkeys
this is how a mama weeds...baby on lap only slows you down a bit if you stop to wipe off everything that gets ground into you:)
a walk at our favorite pond...a place where dogs can roam off leash!
zevy's first (dead) fish playmate of the season...it was love at first sight!!
our solstice cake
strawberry picking at a local farm (ours haven't ripened yet).  nahum picked a full flat!!!
zev picked a couple of quarts!!
asher only trampled a few dozen...
so that is where we are now...eagerly awaiting all that produce to ripen.  it has been pretty wet here this past week so i think we are also waiting on that sun to come back!!  maybe next time i will even take pictures of the veggies...i always get lost in the garlic scapes...they are so beautiful!  happy growing...!


  1. Hi Pennie,
    Thank you for the very sweet comment on my blog!
    I hear you on being sure you aren't overwhelmed on the homestead- every year it had felt that way for us, and last year we finally realized we just need to let some things go, and give some things time. We had planned sheep last spring, and decided to wait. And rather than build a whole new house this year for turkeys, we expanded our meat chicken flock. I find I like chicken better anyhow.
    Your homestead garden is looking wonderful- and we are both out there squashing beetles aren't we!
    <3 Melanie

  2. Pennie,

    Look how helpful your boys are becoming! Loving on chickens and picking strawberries. Doesn't it just keep getting better?