Friday, June 1, 2012

the fire pit.

finally.  we have a fire pit.  i actually am embarrassed that we have lived here for almost eight (or somewhere in that ballpark) years and we have never had a proper fire pit.  we have our sap boil pit but not a great one for sitting around roasting marshmallows and chatting.  but now we do!!  i mentioned it to rick and went to work (yup, it has started again) and came home and there was our fire pit ready to go!  so, on saturday night we had our first official campfire.  and it was hilarious, chaotic, and over in the blink of an eye just like every other experience with these nutty boys of mine.  we had hot dogs chucked into the fire, just like a piece of wood courtesy of ashybee (just watching what the other boys were doing except they used wood!)  we had a half naked boy claim to be freezing, run inside only to return buck naked.  we burnt up the food roasting sticks by accident and about five minutes (it seemed) later we were all fed and rushing up for baths and bed...all before the first star made its appearance.  like i said, par for the course for this family!  i can only imagine we will become more skilled and dare i say civilized?!  but between the blackflies and overtired kiddos...i would say it was a success.