Monday, April 9, 2012

weekend moments.

 snippets of time...
*my oldest growing so much, so fast.
*a playgroup/cookout during a school day when the school kids had no school...just like old times, good times!
*sending our new pup off for her spay surgery and not able to sleep all night because of furry kid!
*celebrating not only Easter, but Passover as well.  this included a sweet Seder with just the five of us and another with family and friends.
*feeling relieved that our youngest has made it through a very, very trying couple of weeks full of sadness and sickness, frustrations, and now once again a joyful little dude who can't wait to keep up with his big brothers
*remembering to get up a bit early to set out those Easter baskets!  enjoying a day with friends and their kids celebrating good food and another grand egg hunt!
*taking a family walk to a local beach to watch our new pup run around and act crazy, after waiting patiently in our car for our human festivities! 
*seeing snow falling in April and waiting patiently for our many seedlings to germinate...
*checking one off my bucket to just get one for our yard!!!
the boys painting Seder plates for our little family celebration!
he just wants to help whenever he can and especially in the kitchen!