Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Hiking and Walking

The beginning of the first hike of the season!  Yay!!
 Because I love being outside, because it is easier to relax and be present for the kids, because we live in an unbelievably gorgeous place.  This is why each day between 2-4 or earlier or all day (if time permits) we get out!  Oh and because with 3 young boys and a 7 month old puppy...it really is the only sanity saver:)
The Bowl Trail.  A lovely pond in the middle of the mountains.  I can't wait until the trees leaf out!!
This is what I get when I say smile to my almost 18 month old!
The best place to walk Bowie is on the Island at a place that isn't owned by the National Park (dogs on leash rule).  Little Long Pond is a place just outside of the park and known for the leash-less-ness dog free for all!  It is so fun to take our puppy there and let her run and run and run and run (okay...hoping to tire her out!!).   There are also lots of fish and tadpoles, a 3 year olds dream come true (some say he is obsessed...it's true). 

I am going to try and hike with the boys at least once a week until the snow flies again...I wonder if I can stick to it?!  It will be hard come summer, with the heat and tons of tourists but...we shall see...!