Thursday, March 29, 2012

all in a weeks time.

 There is a reason I live in Maine and love it.  The winters, cool summers, mud season...!  I get frantic when temps reach 65 degrees, I declare it too hot and hard to do anything but get to the beach and relax in cool water.  I love the winter and my favorite temps are often in March!  32 degrees...perfect.  This hasn't been my winter (and the lack of maple sap into maple syrup...another disappointment that I won't really get into).  Not only is it depressing for the winter sport fiend in me but on another level...the reality of what is happening to our dear Mother Earth.  The occasional 60 degree day in March is always well cherished but a week of near 80...just unsettling.  But, what could we do?  We hit the beach, giggling nervously after tearing around the attic searching for summer appropriate clothing and the beach gear.  I felt a lot more settled this morning as I stepped out my door for an early morning the snow. 
March 22. 80 degrees.
Same day. Seriously? Boys in frigid Maine Oceans in March to cool off?
March 29. One week later.  Normal. Phew!