Friday, February 24, 2012


me and hannah hinski in 2004
my absence from this blog has been due to many reasons...rick being away for his family in times of need.  lack of winter blues.  and lastly...the hardest for me...saying goodbye to my sweet girlfriend-dog, hannah.  she was my dream dog.  a pet i waited many years for, my beloved greyhound.  she was a dog of little friskiness...i described her many times over the years as a cat in a dog body.  but...she was all mine and i loved her right up.  just shy of thirteen...this old girl was still trying her hardest to get along but after finding out she had bone cancer...i knew in my heart that she needed to head back over the rainbow bridge.  i took her to the vet with egg yolk on her face and her hair still sticky from an oatmeal bath from asher..(she was always covered in food...just like my boys!) and released her from her world of pain into the light.  goodbye sweet girlfriend.  you are missed.