Wednesday, February 8, 2012

as the days pass.

brother towing brother...such a lovely sight to see!
oops...i missed a few days here and there.  is it really february?  i am beginning to slowly let go of the non-winter we have been having this year.  snowshoeing and sledding will have to wait until next year.  the ice skating and incredibly warm weather have been enjoyable for toting a new walker around with us.
zevy's extremely small and cute skis have arrived!
after unloading lots of clothes...3 boys in ships.
my little big skier
my littlest hockey dude.
practice, practice
our setup!  we are usually the only ones at the rink (yeah homeschooling).
co-sleeping with baby and dragon
girls time!
co-sleeping with the lot!
girls night...a much needed overnight with my best gals!
and that is what consumes us these days.  skating, skiing, playing, sleeping, being...