Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Groove

Well...I was in my winter groove until the rain and 50 degree weather came and stole it back from me.  I was just settling in to the repeated bundling, ditching schoolwork for outdoor winter fun, night after night of soup, dry cracking knuckles from the wood heat being cranked all day long. That lovely winter rhythm that I look forward to all year long.  I do dream of it in the summer and can almost taste it in the fall.  I feel a little grumpy mid April when I know I must pack it all away and really prepare to garden and swim.  Yes, I am one of those people that loves winter...cold, sunny days 25-35 degrees...pretty dreamy in my opinion.  I do love summer but any weather above 70 sends me into a frenzy...a lazy frenzy...I sit and moan and say things like...we live in Maine...where are my cool foggy summers...and people stare at me and probably whisper things behind my back.  It is cool though.  I get it.  Everyone is different and is entitled to their own crazy loves and likes...  But seriously...where is winter this year?  I dream of packing up and moving to Alaska and Canada and the snowy likes but really my heart is here and it isn't going to happen.  Maybe we will get pounded next week...
It was very cold!!  I was just picking Zevy the Icicle up to bring him home!
They caught two fish which we ate the next night after skiing!!
Anyway...before the weather changed we were ice skating and sledding, ice fishing (with Papa...not Mama...I was at home with Asher because it was too too cold!!)  and downhill skiing!  Loving it to be exact.  Nahum is really getting the hang of skating and looks great and has so much fun!  Zevy is just shy of beginning to glide.  He is closest when distracted by his brother and friend.  He loves his own pace and even does a cute slow motion turn very proudly.  He just turned three a couple of weeks ago so...the fact that he can even stand and move at all on the skates blows my mind!  I never even thought to take Nahum at that age...we were too busy shoveling and snowshoeing:)  Asher has been a great sport hanging out in the Ergo (not while I am on skates), sleeping in his car seat in the car (while I am skating like a madwomen), or walking around and snacking (while I skate a lap, check in...repeat until I am forced to remove my skates).   The sledding has only happened once since we have had hardly any snow this year.  It was great and once Zevy got behind me in the sled to save the face from cold snow...he couldn't get enough.  The skiing has and always will be my favorite...we have a cute mountain about an hour away...price is right and the so is the challenge for Nahum.  He just learned to ski down without me even on the same trail as him...just with a buddy.  Kind of big for my sweet and very cautious boy.  I am very surprised that he wanted to do this...and even more surprised that he only let me ski one run with him.  I am happy that he is finally able to pull away a bit!
Quite a difference a few days makes...no mittens or snow pants!
Hello cute owl pants that a dear friend knit for me for him!  I am too busy to knit:)
Today...we hit the beach for some shell searching and lobster body, claw playing.  The weather was perfect for it and Asher really got to explore the rocky beach.  And that is that for now...I am really going to try and work with Nahum on some stuff tomorrow but...I have said that before!