Thursday, January 12, 2012

the snow day.

while the local schools were getting dismissed early, we were hunkering down to a serious amount of school work today.  knowing it would be a snow day i figured we would get a lot of work done.  funny isn't it...quite the opposite from the rest of the world.  i mean, why sit inside on those gorgeous winter days when there are times like today that scream-school day.  the wind and snow, plus little asher being sick kept us in by the fire!
nahum made a little hand sewn book this morning for his chosen *block* on parrots.  he got a good amount done and was begging for more.  asher was napping during most of nahum's work time and sitting in my lap dumping block crayons all over during the rest.  zevy was bouncing off furniture and scribbling on the chalkboard for parts and doing his own *school work* for the rest.  (his work includes drawing one million pictures of fish on every available scrap of paper we have.)
we also made a really delicious vegan banana bread that nahum declared the best ever...although he does say that about everything, even if he doesn't really like it.  then we practiced summersaults in the living room on our sheepskin rugs.  asher did one the other night and i wanted to see him do another one.  i think the boys liked it most when i showed them how to do a headstand...which is a lot harder now then it used to be, like 20 years ago!  sheesh.
rick is playing music tonight, practicing for a little gig at a cabaret event thingy and that means all the boys are in my bed and i am sitting just on the edge wondering where to lay down!   and thus concludes our snow day...please don't let it rain tomorrow...please!