Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Puppet Show.

What the boys are up to these mid winter days...

This is the sign that hung above the stage for the puppet show!  lots of commas...always!
 Nahum has a love for art, commas, and lately puppets.  He checked a book on make your own puppets out of the library the other day.  Luckily for me and him, he chose one of the ones that he could complete on his own.  A shark sock puppet!  Using a sock from our stash of holey socks that I saved just because (and who knew...sock puppets would be such an interest this year!) and supplies from his stash he created a puppet all on his own (well...except for a bit of help with the hot glue gun).  He then made a fish and seahorse stick puppet for his brother.  Although they were quickly forgotten.  They then put on a .7 second puppet show eight hundred times.  Nahum was the shark and Zevy was the dirt pile (picture boy under brown blanket).  Then the shark would say something along the lines of a great dirt pile and voila! Zevy would pop up and they would laugh and start it again...making sure we were watching each and every time, of course.
Here is the dirt pile with a knight on top.  
Nahum's shark sock puppet.
 So...that is a bit of some homeschool happenings here.  Library time and puppet counts!   They also have been doing their art homework (Nahum), folding laundry (Zevy), and making a mess (Asher). 

All in a day or days...good stuff, really!