Monday, January 2, 2012

the other side.

here we are.  2012.  it is a bit overwhelming for me to try and make plans and resolutions.  i don't like the pressure of the clean slate.  i like the idea of it though.  so today, a day after it all i thought about my dreams and goals for the upcoming year.  we finally took our family walk by the ocean...just before sunset and played on the beach in the dark.  the boys loved it and so did i (and i am pretty sure rick did as well).  and it was unplanned...not on my list of things to do today and much less stressful than if that had been my goal for new years day...which it wasn' was to clean and unpack...which i did.
we had a hectic holiday season as usual.  no matter how hard i try and how many things on my list i let go is still crazy.  we were home for the solstice this year which has been my dream for many years now.  we didn't get to anything on my list for the celebration but i did clean my house and pack with help before we left the next day for family visits (which is very important...coming home to a clean and orderly house).  in our family we celebrate chanukkah and christmas and a birthday on new years eve.  all i want for solstice is our family of five to be together enjoying the outdoors and celebrating nature and the return of the light.  there is always next year!
the cousins...7 boys and one baby girl
rick and nahum getting this years tree
but no matter the stress and craziness of the season, the boys had a great time.  i love watching them be with their cousins because they are all so very different!  i love to imagine what memories will stay with them shaping their holiday seasons as adults.  i can only wonder.

rick goes back to work tomorrow and i once again will return to my life at home with the three wild boys.  maybe we will focus on some school work this month or maybe we will try to find a snow dance to get this winter started...happy new year everyone! 

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