Thursday, January 5, 2012

homeschooling, unschooling...whatever.

seeing as how i am in a talk about it mood these past posts i will continue on with spilling my innermost feelings and thoughts...ha.

"you know what mama...instead of school or homeschooling...its like we have noschooling"-nahum, sometime in december.  yes dear boy you are exactly right!!  just don't tell anyone;)

homeschooling.  nahum is only six and since the beginning of the year i have wondered what the hell we should be doing that is appropriate age wise and interest wise (and yes i have several curriculum but really...i have a life as well!).  he learned all his letters for the most part last year and so i thought...grade one for sure.  but...really?  nope. not really ready.  he loves the idea of sitting down for *school* but not so much if i am telling him what the lesson will be about and then executing it...forget it.  he wiggles and wriggles and complains and whines and i yell and threaten and want to cry.  so in december i quit.  i stopped trying.
nahum loves to draw.  he does it almost all day long.  paper waste in my household is at its all time high right now because of course along with nahum's millions of drawings come zevy's!  i am not really complaining just feeling guilty:)  so, when i say i quit and stopped trying...what i meant was...that i threw the vowels on the black board and briefly told him the sounds and that was that.  he is so close to reading that i know once he grabs the vowels and their many sounds he'll get it.  and he did for almost a moment.  for about a week.  then he stopped and i let it go too.  he kept on drawing.  and begging for art.  so i signed him up for art.  and he kept on drawing.
the nutcracker nahum drew immediately upon returning home from seeing it performed for the first time
the pup he drew from a how to draw book from the library being the new year i felt like i had to start school again.  so i did.  with a new attitude.  i told him there are certain things he must learn.  and i had to teach him those things but lets learn it by studying something you choose.  he chose parrots.  so we continue through the alphabet to finish up his sweet little book that we have been trying to finish and not cry over every time we sit down.  two days of no schooling this week and two days of no crying and whining and etc...!  we checked books out on parrots at the library.  and we looked up some wonderful photos on the computer.  we will make a stuffed parrot (nahum's desire because mama, i love sewing) and eat like a parrot (mama's desire because how funny will that be) and who knows what else.  and who cares.  because it is winter and although our snow dance hasn't worked out the ice is here and i have TWO boys who can skate/sort of skate and one boy on my back and one happy mama to be outside during the best time of the year!  so in between skiing (on man made snow) and ice skating and throwing rocks into the water we will also fit in our no schooling.  i think.