Wednesday, March 23, 2011

chicken pox, spring, sickness, snow.

i believe that title pretty much sums up life these days.  we have had two rounds of the pox.  zevy.  now asher.  all of the usual sickness and horrible cough has also filtered through the boys ending at asher who is so miserable and sad.  i feel horrible every time i look at him (which is a lot!).  i know he will get better but there is something that changes when your babe gets sick for the first time.  i remember with nahum and zevy.  outside of our house snow melts, rhubarb and crocuses poke through the grass, trash is revealed, berries are pruned, bees fly, mud is played in, snow falls and once again everything is covered.  like mother nature threw a blanket back over it all because she wasn't really ready for spring.  i am.  actually i am ready to be barefoot.  i am ready to open my windows and kick out the sick air.  i am ready for spring peepers.  i am ready for a real season of working in the dirt.  i am hoping to arrange a mother's helper for this spring and summer, you know so i can actually be productive on the farm this year.  we have many more farm shares lined up and our seedlings to sell.  i need to help rick or else.  or else what...who will feed the kids, do laundry keep the house marginally clean, pay the bills...i guess we will see what happens!
 we managed to start onions, artichokes, and celeriac.  my soon as asher is better i will get on those.  our maple syrup harvest has left us flush with four plus gallons so far!  this sunday is MAINE MAPLE SUNDAY and we will be joining in...inviting friends and neighbors to come and visit, eat some syrup laced ice cream and check out our mini farm!  
myself reflected in the vat of syrup
i have also been taking the boys to the beach again.  they absolutely love it.  and i feel like it is a break from hardcore parenting (a.k.a. breaking up fights and taking away toys).  they mill about throwing rocks into the water, building homes, stepping in water and in general play together peacefully. 


  1. Love your header, "mud season" indeed.
    So sorry to hear about the pox, but as you know, childhood is the best time to get it.

  2. Sorry to hear about the pox Pennie. I love all the pictures and the borders you put on them. ♥kyndale