Thursday, February 10, 2011

time warp, time suck, time flies...

 wow!  it has been so long since i have even been able to motivate myself onto this blog.  by the end of the day i am usually so burnt out that even reading has become a chore:)  i have taken to watching harry potter movies instead.  
this is why i am not thinking of spring...our buried greenhouse!
chicken yard in the morning...after another huge storm
we have been getting pounded with snow this winter and i am in love with it. i am trying to figure out how to do anything with more than one little who might need to be held at a time:)  some days suck and some days don't as they did before sir asher joined the pack. 
this is the snow pile near the ice rink we skated at! 
for the updates...nahum: first time ice skating (had to go twice in one day), first time skiing (wants to try again), first time having a class (dance and a science-y thing at a challenger center near us).
 zevy:  talking and talking more and more!   a lot of sentences now.  
 asher:  shrieking and cooing, quite loudly, i might add.  just being cute and being a baby.  
 we finally ordered our seeds and rick is thinking ahead to spring.  i have to confess...this being the first winter to ski and skate again after how many years...i am not.  i am thinking ahead to the next snow storm.  i would love for our windows to stay frosty like this for awhile!

well...i hope to be back here a bit more but then again...if i am out enjoying the may not see from me again for a bit!! 


  1. I too love the snow. I lived near the coast in NH and didn't get enough of it. Now, Maine has made me happy. I agree with you. Winter keeps us busy in so may ways. Happy Winter.

  2. I am so jealous of your snow. We've had so little this year! Pennie, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! I love the pictures! xoxo

  3. We've had a real wintry winter, too! And we love love love it. Also, first skating, first skiing, first snowboarding, first snowshoeing...and that's just one of the children! The photo of your two boys in the Chariot is hilarious...we, too, have a Chariot and have yet to see the baby alongside his sister. Happy winter days.
    xo Jules

  4. I think I've mentioned it before, but #3 put me through the ringer and back. Everyone I talked to said the same thing, so I know it is pretty common. Do know, that anything after #3 (I remember you mentioning wanting a big family) is easy as pie! In my experience anyways. Hang in there. Things will get easier someday soon.