Tuesday, January 11, 2011

since i have a horrible memory...

 ...i thought i had better post as many pics of my littles as possible...here are the holiday photos at last!  i have to put these up or i will feel like i can't move on to the glorious pace of relaxing january!!  *seriously...a lot of photos here folks!*
my grandmother and my boys!
mr. asher looking as peaceful as well...a baby!
just loving my grandmothers facial expression in this photo!
holiday nahum!
zevy absolutely chugging my coffee on christmas morning.
asher *enjoying* the gifts:)
all the boys at once!
zevy in down.

perpetually sticking his tongue out to catch snowflakes!
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some snow!  for nj...this was awesome!  i always get sad leaving maine in the winter in case we miss all the big storms but jersey won with this massive dumping the day after christmas this year!! 

it was his lips i was after in this photo...!!
zevy, on his birthday morning, the last day of the year, looking well...like zevy!
we took the boys sledding for zevy's birthday:)
and what would sledding be without hot coco?! 
i offered the chocolate cake and he chose the apple pie!
poppy (my dad-who looks about twelve here) and asher.
the end.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful children. Little babe is adorable. They are having much fun in the snow. My boys have never seen snow, we are dreaming of it.

  2. Snow and boys go so well together. A big happy family. Take many, many pics. They do grow and if you blink you miss it.

  3. I love that picture of "all the boys"...there are a lot, and they are all beautiful! I am laughing about how you said your dad looks like he is about 12...he really does look young. And that little Asher is completely adorable! So glad you got to see the big snow in NJ. Happy new years!


  4. life is full for you! thank you for sharing all these photos. i've been missing you! xo Kyndale

  5. So MANY great photos! It's been a while since I've stopped by, I was thinking you were still on maternity leave from blogging :) This was a good place to pick up with you and your beautiful family.