Thursday, October 7, 2010

welcoming october.

work (outside of my family) is finished for me this year!  i made it and it feels great to be done.  i am not quite as dead tired feeling in the mornings after only being done for about a week:) i have a list of things i would love to check off before this baby is born but being realistic i am hopeful to just have the pesto made:) we have been eating the lovely fall crops from the garden, broccoli and swiss chard, kale, carrots, beets, turnips, cabbage...all those yummy veggies just keep on producing!  i have been washing the tiniest baby clothes and the cutest wool socks!  plus, all of the other woolens that were oh so very disgustingly dirty (life on a farm!).  we have been on a few homeschooling adventures aka field trips, one to a marine education center with an awesome touch tank and story/craft time, swimming, and the other day to see a 55 minute (perfect for frisky kiddos) laura ingalls wilder musical.  other than that life is as is no other *schooling* necessary!  i am loving it so far (the homeschooling).  we do projects at home by ourselves as well but i don't feel like nahum needs much more than that at this moment.  maybe this winter, maybe next, only time will tell. and so this month has begun and with it all of the fall activities and happenings.  here are the first round of october photos:) 
zevy's look of mischief!
marine education center adventure!
before pesto making began...there is so much outside still!
making apple cider at the community garden harvest day.
cutest baby socks! (made by a friend for nahum!)
nahum using the apple picker better than i can!
baby woolens drying on the line!
our wheat for next year is up already!
zevy being zevy.


  1. I love that your schooling is just life.

    I'm excited about that belly also.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful beginning to October! So glad to hear work is done for the season, now you can focus on the work you love:-)