Tuesday, October 19, 2010

this is my favorite kind of game to play.

the title of this post were nahum's words as he and zevy and i sat around this evening (while rick...thank you!...made us dinner) removing the dried flint corn from the cobs.  he was so excited to help and so serious about it all and then so sad when his fingers got tired and he had to rest.  he kept saying how this was his favorite kind of thing to do.  i am hoping that he keeps that attitude because he is one helpful five year old in the garden and with chores!  we just started reading farmer boy this evening which he has already thumbed through (to look at the pictures) two times! 
 i have been busy trying to get rid of the worst sinus infection and organizing the house so trying to find time to sit at the computer has eluded me:)  i actually hadn't taken any photos in almost a week...which is pretty crazy because i usually take photos of everything.  but here are some of the more recent photos and days we have enjoyed!
36 weeks!!
fall walk with mimi and the dogs.
nahum and his new pilot cap i made him using the pattern from sew liberated (which i adjusted and made quite a bit bigger for this sweet boy!
fall color.
one of my bestest best friends daughter and nahum in a long overdue visit!!  it was a truly awesome day but this was the only photo i took:)


  1. Oh my! I have been wondering if you were still pregnant, but I slightly recall you may be due in Nov? I am so excited you found a pilot hat pattern...off to check it out! You will need lots of them this winter.


  2. ooooh LOVE that pilot cap, almost as much as you belly! Won't be long now :)

    I'll bet your little guy is going to be a big help with baby, too.

  3. Just popping in to say that I am thinking of you.. soon soon! O the excitement. I am so happy for you.

  4. Gorgeous fall photos Pennie! And the corn, and the hat, and Farmer Boy... all very good things indeed:-)

    Thinking of you in the home stretch!!!

  5. Hey girl, have you used a neti pot? I had a terrible sinus infection towards the end of my pregnancy with Solomon and after he was born, it all cleared up. Hang in there! I wish I could hang out in Maine with you. It's so beautiful. Sending love, Kyndale