Friday, October 8, 2010

the firewood.

just a few pictures of a lovely afternoon entertainer...the firewood!  after a day of rushing around gathering the birth supplies we would need for this babe's welcome i came home exhausted and ready to relax.  luckily for me the firewood had been delivered while we were out and the boys had their afternoon fun playing with the wood!  i got to sit back, relax, snap pictures and watch them play.  tomorrow night they are calling for the first frost and so i will be busy harvesting what needs to be harvested (basil, tomatoes...) and trying to get it all processed for the winter.  meanwhile rick made me some shelves for my little sewing room and craft room so i can now, finally, organize the mess.  a busy weekend for sure (cider making and garlic planting as well!!).


  1. Sounds like you have your hands happily full! Wishing you the coziest of first frost evenings, and best of luck processing all that pesto (my basil is taking over the kitchen, too!


    PS I love Nahum's lawnmower!!

  2. Giant wood blocks. The best toys are those that are part of regular day to day life. Have a great day, I hope you can get everything done that you need to! Love, Kyndale

  3. that looks fun!
    I need to plant my garlic this week, I think. add it to the list!