Monday, October 11, 2010

fall projects.

they are the same each year.  gather apples, make cider, plant garlic, watch the pigs grow.  this year we (i mean rick!) cleared more of our land for garden space next year.  i also made our first batch of bread using our wheat...i didn't take any other pictures aside from zevy watching it grind but it is also the first batch of bread i have made in so long.  the slim winter budget makes it a lot more motivational to bake my own bread:) and here are the photos...(short on words because i am attempting to make nahum large pilot cap like zevy has and well...sewing with knits make me cringe a bit...i want to finish it up tonight if i can...)
zevy watching our wheat grind into flour!

walking down to the leaning apple.
feeding the pigs the apple drops...very happy they were for these treats!
a woolly baby belly.
zevy stealing our apple picking bag!
watching the cider..

the new ground that rick just cleared for next years garden!
nahum and rick planting the garlic.
here they are breaking up the bulbs to plant.  nahum has really been a giant help this year in the garden!


  1. Bread from your own wheat, that is just awesome!! It's on our HUGE someday list. I hope yours turns out wonderful:-)

  2. I'm making a new garden for next year as well. We need the extra space now that the kiddos are getting older (and hungrier)

  3. I love how seasonal activities can bring such meaning to a season. Sometimes I think "man, my life isn't very exciting (which is true), but the partaking in the rhythm of the seasons is a beautiful act.

    Love that you made your first bread loaf with your own wheat. What a sweet family (of boys and pigs) you've got Pennie.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog from a comment you made somewhere else, and I'm happy I did! We seem to be in sync a little bit...I have a 5 year old boy (minus 3 weeks), a 2 year old girl (is that how old Zevi is?), and a 3 month old. Lots of fullness around here! Your belly shots are beautiful, too. How exciting to grind your very own wheat...a grinder is on my wish list. Happy Autumn!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog---- you are all so darling!!! When are you due? I'm with my third due in NOV. I'll be checkin' in--- I love my farm folks!


  6. you make your own cider? wow!
    that bread must have been the best you've ever tasted!