Saturday, September 4, 2010

returning to my blog.

well.  i hadn't intended on vacating this space for three or so weeks but i see that is indeed what happened.  i must say that my hot little sewing/computer room wasn't pleasant in the past weeks, nor my little attitude toward the hot weather and house.  i must admit i have been a rude and mean mama and housemate.  i hadn't gone the store or done laundry in a couple of weeks...the toys were everywhere and i really didn't give a rats ass.  fruit flies and spiders have moved in quite comfortably and still i turned a blind eye.  i found myself praying for the hurricane so that it would bring cooler weather (really?!  like we need a hurricane to deal with!).  nahum's birthday, his fifth birthday has been looming over my head, along with the canning i promised to do and oh...everything else.  i did manage to can some salsa today, bake a zuke chocolate cake, and freeze 17 cups of grated zuke for this winter.  the weather is cooler tonight and so i am posting a bit of this and that so i don't wonder what happened to the last weeks of summer.  a short list...we have been swimming, to the blue hill fair, swimming, napping, and swimming.  oh exciting bit of news...we found some land nearby our house that is owned by one of our csa peoples brother who is going to let us farm it!!  complete with apple trees galore and a path heading to...a lovely beach (which the boys and i have already been too!!).  the amazingly lovely folks that own this land are only able to be here for about three weeks in the summer and are thrilled that we will be farming where generations of his family farmed before!!  rick and i are so excited to be able to expand a bit and hopefully be able to rotate crops around a bit more.  okay i am going to post some photos of late august and the like and then get into bed and read a book on pickling!!  woohoo!!  
the end of the blackberries...
summer dinners...
playing with clay dug from our yard...
inspiration from the awesome book: make it wild by fiona danks and jo schofield
a short but sweet visit with family!
our cornmeal corn at the community garden plot!!
washing our woolens...
and on the last day of august...finding and examining baby snapping turtles! now i may have lost you all but...i will be back with photos from the fair and new beach and a giant pregnant belly...


  1. I come by daily to see if you're with baby! I love babies! Look at all the goodness. That's alright that you've been taking it easy. Geez, with being pregnant and the hot weather. You're entitled to that Pennie. So exciting to hear you'll be getting the use of more land. And a path to the beach you lucky girl! Sending love, Kyndale

  2. Love the football helmet wearing chef, and Nahum really looks so much older! Happy 5 to him!! I was so super cranky with my girl boy one were just different and difficult in a different way, but the girls through my hormones through a loop I tell you.