Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a really great sunday.

harvesting flint corn
prepping the bed for next years wheat
nahum planting the wheat
apple picking at the new garden location for next year

staking out and measuring for the new garden plot on our neighbors land
the end.


  1. Crooked neck naps with browning apples still within grips are the best endings to anyday... love you, and sooo good to get a glimpse of your family at the CGF!! Deidre.

  2. The corn is so cool looking! What do you use it for?

  3. hi kyndale...we will be grinding that corn into cornmeal!! it is the first time we have grown it before:) hope you are well!!

  4. Hi Pennie!! It's been so long, and I want to catch up with you properly, but for tonight I can just say a quick hello.

    My goodness your homestead is growing! How wonderful that you can expand like that on your neighbor's land!!

    The boys look absolutely adorable as always, they must be getting so excited to become co-big brothers:-)

    Love & Hugs from NH,

  5. We're doing flint corn next year...I love fresh ground cornmeal.