Wednesday, September 8, 2010


really sweet boy you turned five today?!  was it really only five years ago that i lay in bed staring at you wondering how it was going to be possible to fall asleep knowing you were here now?!  full of yourself you are now...riding without training wheels, swimming with your face in the water, identifying plants and trees like you have always known it all.  it has been a big year for our first son, nahum, so much growth and to top it off his first days of not going to school;)  we are very excited to journey down the paths of homeschooling/unschooling.  i am so happy that so far during our end of the summer farm/food preservation craziness that nothing has changed as we slowly wind down for the fall!!:)  we heard about the alarm clocks that are being set and the bus rides and new schedules and it all sounds so lovely...from afar!  so here are some photos of our birthday day (which was mellow...breakfast out and a small party at home with some friends and cupcakes!). 


  1. Nahum, you're adorable. Happy Birthday!! xo Kyndale

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY!!! We miss you and wish we were filling up those pumpkin lined stairs with funny kids for funny photos... Five is just great! Love, Deidre.

  3. Happy birthday to you both Pennie! Sweet growing boy!

    I did share some kindergarten thoughts on my last blog post (though not exactly answering your question, so still really I do hope/intend to get back to you...)
    An exciting adventure you are beginning, I wish you all well!

    (And hello and love to little baby in belly too.)

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday! Glad to be visiting you today too - hope you are feeling well.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. Happy birthday to a five year old boy. And sweet wishes for your homeschooling year.

  6. happy birthday!

    .. and that is the best lime green color on your walls. i love it.

  7. Aw, happy birthday to your adorable boy!