Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bits and pieces.

bits and pieces of our days.  summer days have, i think, left us and now i am feeling the fall push (gotta make that pesto! and wash the rest of those woolens).  on our drive home this afternoon or early evening the light was definitely golden:)  the nights are cool and crisp.  i made my first soup of the season the other night.  i think that these are definite signs of the changing seasons!  and i am so very happy.  i do love summer (the swimming, long days, fresh foods in super abundance...) but the fall is my favorite, followed by that lovely, lovely winter:)  and so here we are with bits and pieces of our the early, early days of (almost) fall.
boys in their dirty muddy puddle of fun:)
a happy five year old and his new *real* drill.
*first day* of homeschool...a field trip to birdsacre.
trying to capture a decent photo of these frisky kids...will try again...when they are sleeping:)
celebrating poppy's birthday (that is my father)...number sixty!!  rock on dad!
fall time=project time=new dining room table (we are staying with the small car, a scion, for our soon to be family of five but rick and i both agreed we needed a bigger table!!)
making the first batch of soup for the season...homegrown squash, parsley, carrots, onions and garlic with some barley thrown in too!
*bee bee*, zevy happily showing us his pee!!
world's grossest mirror (zevy's toothpaste smears!) and world's roundest mama.


  1. look at you mrs. beautiful mama. it has been a while since i have come to visit!! what news!! yay!

  2. It's funny, I do love summer for it's abundance, it's long lazy days. But, when fall comes, I feel so alive. I really love making the fist soup of the season too. It feels good to make soup again. It's easy and everyone loves soup in our house. With lots of bread of course! Love to you!

  3. Mmmm hmmm. This is most definitely my fav time of year, and we made our first soup this week, too.
    Love your red cabinets and your impressive belly!

  4. A very nice round tummy you have. How beautiful it is. I love soups all year round!.. Your kitchen looks very cosy, a nice place to get creative!