Tuesday, August 3, 2010

just a small, little, tiny sample.

rick checked the beehives the other day to make sure all was well and to give them more hive space.  they haven't capped any of their honey yet but there is some in there!!  rick broke off the tiniest sample for us to try.  it is a bit of a sweet and sour.  nahum thought it was a bit sour because we hadn't added any sugar or agave to it!  but it is so beautiful and light that i haven't wanted to really eat any of it.  the bees really amaze me.  but i am still scared of them...oh well. 
also while rick was checking the second hive i noticed our poor peach tree who is practically breaking from all the strain but holy cow once these ripen i am going to be in heaven.  and so will the boys!!
we haven't had this many peaches ever off this tree and i only hope that it survives the weight.  we lost one branch earlier on because it couldn't support all the peaches and i am just holding my breath for the rest!!  happy august!  it is the month of fruits in maine:)  peaches, blues, blackberries and hopefully watermelons and cantaloupes as well... 


  1. Wow, those peaches look amazing! Peach tree, you must make it! That honeycomb looks so beautifully white! I wish I could be in Maine right now! I want to visit so bad! Sending love, Kyndale

  2. Oh my I would totally make lots of peach pie if I had that tree! Those peaches look beautiful. I am kinda afraid of bees in numbers. One of them I could take or leave, but a hive kinda freaks me out. Not sure if it would though if I had a suit.


  3. honey! how exciting!
    that's IT, I'm getting a peach tree once and for all!

  4. Wow, peaches in Maine!!!
    And that bit of honey is so beautiful.

  5. Pennie, you've got a lot of sweet things to look forward to: honey, peaches and baby! Our peach tree is having a mediocre year, likely taking a break after an amazing crop last season. They're be all the sweeter.

  6. hi you beautiful farming people! what a lot of peaches on that little peach tree! Lucky you! It sure looks like you all are enjoying summer and her wonderful bounty. there's hardly any fruit in these parts this year....a real bummer. I hope you're feeling good miss penny. sending lots of love your way to you and yours,