Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wandering wednesday...harvesting the fruits.

i haven't been wandering too much these days since i am feeling a wee bit tired and full of baby but i have managed to harvest our peaches.  (i can't believe i still have 13 weeks left of this pregnancy...maybe once the weather cools i won't feel so...)  we have also been harvesting some of the blackberries, and the remainder of the blueberries.  rick made some blackberry jam but mostly they just get eaten right from the field especially if they are harvested by little fingers:)  the peaches we picked while they were still hard since some were laying on the ground (the branches were so heavy) and some had started to fall off.  they are mostly small but super tasty:)  i hope that we will be harvesting some melons before too long but who knows...we haven't had much rain lately.  rick also harvested some of the artichokes for us to eat the other night and they were quite good cooked in olive oil with lots of fresh parsley, thyme, oregano, and onions.  even nahum ate some!!  i am feeling too tired to think of much else to say so i am going to post my pictures and head to the lake for another day of swimming because soon i know, it will be to chilly for it:) 


  1. Incredibly gorgeous photos Pennie!
    Wow! Everything looks stunning! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful day!!! What a harvest!

  3. Fantastic harvest!
    What are you going to do with your peaches?
    I made a bunch of peach sauce last year and still have a few bags lying around...I'm thinking peach frozen yogurt.

  4. You are blessed Pennie, all that goodness you have growing on your land. I can smell the goodness through the computer. Thinking of you and sending love! Kyndale

  5. look at all that goodness right from your backyard! you must LOVE this...
    I hope you stop feelin gso heavy soon, too. Maybe it's all this humidity?