Wednesday, August 18, 2010

enjoying the harvest.

a post of is what we are enjoying from our gardens right now.  i am a most tired mama (working as a waitress three nights a week and not getting home until past midnight...) these days.  but i would be so sad to let the rest of my summer go undocumented so i am just going to post pictures and leave the words for another day:)  happy harvesting, swimming, lounging, back to schooling, or whatever you and your families are enjoying these days...
and yes...that is nahum's smile (or what it looks like if you ask him to...).


  1. you must be exhausted Pennie! Everything looks amazing :)

  2. Hi there,
    I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello. As a fellow mama of two, homesteader (with a job) and used-to-be resident of Bar Harbor! Gosh how I miss that place! I enjoyed reading through some of your posts and all the lovely pictures.
    Be well!

  3. Pennie, for the last hour I have been reading your oh so professional blog. Your Blog should definitely, positively be put into a book formation.
    You are so articulate and adorable with all your comments, that I just cannot stop reading!
    Your photos of your three cute, adorable, huggable, absolutely precious sons, are works of art in the making.

    First of all, I am a good old Jewish lady, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. I never did cleaning, just my bedroom, and maybe did my bathroom. I could not stand dust or dirt on my immaculate ownings. I did babysit for extra money.

    Until I married when I was 20 everything was done for me. Then of course when Heidi was born I became a mother and a very clean housewife. Made sure no dust or dirt inherited my home.

    How can you do the things you do. It is so amazing. Just having to take care of those 3 gorgeous creatures of yours is a task in itself.

    You cook, bake, plant, knit, sew, etc. Just wanted to tell you every picture you took has a story to be told. Even your boys take part in everything. A Miracle!!

    Your gorgeous Mom and precious and cute Dad came in this Summer, and I had the most marvelous and ejoyable time ever.
    I will go now, but first let me congradulate you and Rick for being such wonderful and caring parents. You done good kid.
    Sheila Shulman Freemer (Niece of Uncle Mickey Miller)