Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wandering wednesday...into our garlic harvest.

joining in with gardenmama's new photo challenge to take notice of where our feet travel throughout the days and weeks of being who we are...this weekend my feet traveled to many many places but the one i am most excited about it our garlic harvest...we harvested our garlic crop this past weekend and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we don't lose any.  the past couple of years have not been so great for our garlic and last year we even, gasp!, had to buy garlic from the store a first in many years of trying to provide as much of our own food as possible.  last year we had a lot of rain during the summer and most of it molded and rotted even before we pulled it.  but this year it looked pretty nice (or as far as we can tell with all that dirt still on it).  we also only planted two varieties this year, german extra hardy and red russian (we purchase new seed (or bulbs) every year from our favorite garlic farm at the common ground fair).  this year we also set it to dry in the greenhouse with a fan for air circulation rather then rick's workshop which is dark and damp and icky!   
here i stand, pregnant for the third time, looking down at my growing belly my feet barely visible anymore unless i lean way forward, inhaling the fresh smell of garlic and imagining what meals i will be making my sweet family this winter.  here i stand in 2010's garlic harvest!
and here i stand (though you cannot see me) watching and photographing my family doing their thing to get the garlic harvested!


  1. I love your photo so very much Pennie! I think it will be so nice to look back to remember these moments of where life took us. Your belly is so beautiful and the garlic is amazing! What incredible food your nourishing your family with!

  2. Garlic, yummmmm, and look at your big ole belly growing nice and round. I don't know where I'd be without garlic. We are going to plant some this fall for the first time.



  3. I LOVE that belly picture! And nice going on all that garlic!we got some big fat heads, too:)