Tuesday, July 20, 2010

threshing our wheat.

 here is the first post on harvesting the wheat if you are interested.
in the hot sun, on the hotter driveway, on a hot sticky tarp we threshed out wheat.  i have to say it was not hard but time consuming and hot.  i mean there is a reason i live in maine (the cold snowy winters and cool lovely summers).  this is not the summer of my dreams...i know there are plenty of people hotter than we are but come on, we live in maine we are not supposed to be this hot for this long:)  anyway...i was talking about threshing our wheat.  as you will be able to tell from the photos, we used what we had on hand...some plastic wiffle ball bats and other than having to share with zevy, they were fine for this first time.  rick has decided he wants to build a thresher and i have decided we need to just plant more and more wheat (and some oats!!).  oh we also want to try spelt.
after we pounded the wheat stalks with the bats rick poured from bucket to bucket in front of a fan to remove the chaff. 
...and then after all of that, i made biscuits to go with our very homegrown dinner that night.  but first we had to grind the wheat berries into flour, with nahum helping and zevy sampling, it really was a wonderful day and process:)  
so after all that...it took almost one year to make these biscuits!!  quite a process but one we are definitely willing to go through again and again:)  our total yield was about six pounds of wheat from almost one hundred square feet...maybe not the best but we are pretty satisfied for this year!  i also can't help but think how much more work pa and ma ingalls had to do in order to be able to provide enough grain for their entire year!  and they didn't have an electric grinder:)  i kept asking rick...did people really have to do it this way before threshing machines?!  i mean if we had to thresh an entire wheat field...


  1. Thank you for sharing this process. We need to lease/borrow some land to try grains. You remind me so much of us, using what you have for today yet planning for tomorrow.

  2. You guys did all that by hand? Super impressive Pennie. I bet the biscuits were the best ever after having your hands in all that planting, tending, watering, threshing and sifting. Thanks for sharing the process.

  3. that is really really freaking cool. some day i want to do that. so bad. you know, we have a bakery, and i keep having this wacky dream of growing our own wheat. but we go through like 1500 pounds a week. and it has to be just the right kind of flour for what we make. whatever. we could at least have it for home stuff! i love what you do.

  4. So lovely to see your family harvesting everything that you have grown,, doesn't it make everything taste so wonderful after all that hard work. We bake our own bread to except we buy the flour, we tried to grow it but the climate didn't seem fit. We grew some buckwheat but the birds got it before we did. We grow as much as we can but are limited to many things because of the heat.

  5. Your family is amazing!!! What a beautiful process.