Wednesday, July 14, 2010

harvesting wheat.

i am a fresh bread at every meal kind of gal and i refuse to buy the stuff from stores (even the smell of it makes me feel like i might puke!) so i thought well, i grind my own spelt but why can't i just try it from the absolute beginning?!  so last year one day, sometime, somewhere i said to rick...could we try to grow some wheat someday...and next thing i know he is planting some:) well, i have watched my wheat grow and grow and just as it was in the milky/almost dry/but not squirty phase we harvested it.  (well...rick and nahum harvested it while i took photos.  i tried to help but i had been up really late for a few nights trying to nurse one of our goats back from a serious worm problem and i could hardly function.)  so right now the wheat is bundled in the field awaiting the next steps.  actually it has (since i began this post) been brought indoors due to the rain and horrible humidity we have been having here.  we don't want the grains to mold after coming this far:)  harvesting the wheat was such a wonderful task to be a part of, with all of us doing something.  zevy was just wandering back and forth playing with some of the stalks and nahum kept telling me he couldn't wait to eat our bread from our wheat...!!  i loved hearing that.  in order to harvest rick just used clippers since we haven't found a hand sickle yet.  and since we only planted about 100 square feet of wheat, it didn't take him long.  for guidance we are using information rick got from a talk at the common ground country fair and the book home grown whole grains.  i can't wait to begin the threshing (i am especially curious about how much we got and i am already scheming about tilling up more lawn for more wheat next year:)  here are some of the photos i took on harvest day.


  1. Pennie, this is absolutely incredible!
    I love process, and this one is admirable! You must be very proud, it looks gorgeous! xo

  2. Oh Pennie, how wonderful! I bake all of our bread but do not grind the grain, would really like to start that soon... My girls too would be so happy to grow our own wheat.
    I always love to see the goodness happening on your homestead Pennie!
    Hope you and family have been very well this summer!
    Lots of love, Renee

  3. Wow!! Your wheat looks so beautiful all bundles up. How fun to learn something new! You are so lucky to have such sweer helpers too! Im excited that you will join in the seed share. I was hoping you would!


  4. I wonder if homegrown wheat tastes different from the wheat berries you can buy in the store? Probably huh? xo Kyndale

  5. Oh my goodness that is SO cool! I would love to be a part of that process. Pleasse keep us updated. Way to go!

    I just watched an episode of little house on the prairie where they did the threshing. Looks like hard work, but so rewarding!