Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wash wednesday.

...finally getting around to rehanging my clothesline.  the first attempt has been in the goat pen for over a year and is not my first choice to hang clothes anymore since i didn't want the goats to nibble at our stuff.  so finally after needing a place to hang our diaper covers and clothes outside in this lovely weather and inspired to join gardenmama's wash wednesday posts, my husband hung me a brand new clothesline that stretches from the flag pole (what else was it being used for) to the corner of the house...very long and lovely!  so here are some of today's
diapers waiting to be hung!  my maiden hanging on the new line!
photos of happy drying diapers!!  check out the flagpole getting used!! 
with a child that wanted to help!
and then of course run through the many *doors*!!

**i am trying to be back in my space as i can...but my back is unfortunately so messed up right now that i can hardly sit for more than a few minutes at a time.  and the pain makes me a bit grumpy and less inspired.  i hope to feel better and post more often soon.  next week i will be heading to a local hero (osteopath) and i hope i am not placing all my eggs into one basket...**


  1. Oh, I hope that the doctor can do something for you! When are you due again? Hopefully soon. Then your back can get some relief. I love your new clothesline Pennie! What pretty pictures. Love, Kyndale

  2. I can't help but lookd past the subject of the pics and check out your yard. Such a pretty space, I can imagine lots of space to run. You look great! Hang in there :)

  3. Oh Pennie,
    I hope you're feeling better by now. Back pain is the pits. You look great! Hang in there mama.
    sending some love your way,