Tuesday, June 29, 2010

off the needles...finally.

i finally finished a hat i was knitting for our new baby.  the pattern i got from ravelry.  i had bought, actually paid for, the same hat for zev last year at a local fair.  i debated over it for awhile, it was expensive and i knew i could knit it.  but i decided to buy it thinking when will i actually knit it though.  well...i lost that expensive hat about a month later.  finally months after that i bought the pattern and cast on.  the whole thing knit up really quickly but then my back began to bother me so much when i was sitting that i put it aside (with only the i cords left to finish...).  last week or so i took the unfinished hat and kiddos to the beach...and viola!  the yarn is handspun, hand dyed from our very own mohair boys which i plied with some sheep wool.  the hat is a bit small for zevy, my frisky little model but i had to see what it looked like on somebody!


  1. Such a sweet little hat! I love that yarn.
    I've just cast on for a hat (for myself though) but it is only my 2nd project. Yikes! We'll see how that goes...
    I figure I'll make all my mistakes on my own hat and then make one for my little one. :)

  2. I like that hat... hope you are doing and feeling well!
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. oh wow! what a truly homemade treasure...with yarn right from your farm.