Thursday, June 24, 2010

homestead happenings.

summertimes are here...we are outside almost all day long whether it be exploring the beaches, biking, or playing in our own gardens and yard.  i have not had much of a chance to be in our gardens this year due to a certain little zevy who thinks pulling out hand fulls of swiss chard and then tossing them in the air is an amusing pastime.  or stomping on the growing carrots, onions, and greens.  so this tour of our early summer garden is as much for me as you.  we are enjoying fresh sugar snap peas, and carrots.  the cauliflower is just around the corner.  the wheat has started to dry.  i plan my meals around our own fresh food straight from the garden not having to bother with the freezer this time of year.  i have been making focaccia bread  almost every night we are together as a family (i work three nights a week).  on this focaccia i am putting caramelized onions (which are still storing great from last years harvest!!!) and swiss chard topped with a bit of asiago cheese.  we are also eating lots of raw carrots and snap peas or salads.  anyway...without further chat here are some of the images i took recently...


  1. Thanks for sharing some of your homestead happenings. Your wheat photographs are super beautiful!
    Happy summertime Pennie! Hope you have been well. xo

  2. Wow, everything looks so big! I remember that stage where my youngest one wanted to "weed" the garden too and proceeded to pull up everything good. Or when Eli last year thought that all the green tomatoes were ready for the picking! Do you enjoy your job or at least enjoy the time away? Have a great weekend! Love, Kyndale