Thursday, May 13, 2010

shearing day.

yesterday was shearing day!  our neighbors have a huge flock of sheep and each spring they have an amazing shearer come up our way from new hampshire to shear their flock.  we piggy backed onto their day last year and well...we did again this year.  the woman that shears is super fast and really amazing!!!  we sent her home with some of our tomato seedlings as an extra thanks!!  our goat boys were in desperate need of a haircut.  angora goats should be sheared both spring and fall but last fall it got away from us.  
it was actually quite easy to catch the buggers this time.  levi the brownish guy basically just walked over to see what was going on and once he saw me with the grain bucket he didn't leave.  he was trimmed and clipped before he knew what happened to him.  lance the white goat, he is very leary of us and even with the grain bucket he won't come over.  we had to *escort* him into his house and then drag him out:)  
but now they look great or rather silly, i think and i have a huge pile of fiber to wash!! 
p.s.  we have been finally getting to harvest some fresh spinach and arugula!  last night before dinner nahum was snacking on the spinach saying, "i don't even eat it if it was bought in the store!"...oops...wonder where he heard that before! 


  1. the goats crack me up with the loooong hair! And they look even funnier after the shearing. Thanks for this peek into your world. :)

  2. That looks like a fun day!!!!
    I wish I had the space for goats...they are a dream animal for me...we have 1/2 acre here in rural Ontario canada...usually we get a couple of lambs for the summer, but I long for goats!!!
    Love the blog...loads of homesteading inspiration!!!

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting Mainely Ewes Farm. Love your blog. We are definitely looking at shearing our sheep ourselves. The last time we used this shearer it wasn't so bad. This time was a disaster. We only have 9 sheep and 2 angora/cashmere cross goats to be shorn but that will be more in the fall. If you have the name of the shearer maybe we could call and set up a time if she is willing. Do you stud out your buck? We would like to breed our girls this fall. We got them from a neighbor that was getting rid of her goats. They are so sweet. They look like they have their pj's on after being shorn. Thanks for any info.