Wednesday, April 28, 2010

homestead happenings

we just got back from a family visit and while we were gone things grew up here in maine.  unfortunately, the bees that we installed before we left (that is what the photo is of from the previous post) failed, like completely failed.  we are really bummed out and have had several ideas and some input as to what may have hopefully we will try again. 

as far as the greenhouse goes...transplanting and transplanting!  rick has been very busy trying to fit in an hour here and there to work in the greenhouse.  i can't take zevy in there because he whacks at the tomato seedlings with a wooden stake!  yikes!!  so i keep zev out and try to make myself useful by knitting:) 
***and the peach blossoms!!
***and the grows...even though some of it had been eaten by some pesky hens that like to fly the coop:)  here is a picture with zevy in front of it for size comparison.  it is hard to get him to cooperate:)
***and the strawberries...starting over after needing to till in our old ones which we finally did last year.  i think rick said he ordered 200 hundred plants:)  i can't wait until next year.  this year we will once again trek to a pick your own place and load up.  we ate up all of our strawberry jam and i can't believe i have to wait until july for more.


  1. I was thinking of you this week, your homestead is looking wonderful. I hope you too are feeling wonderful and blooming beautifully along with spring! xoxo

  2. Such sweet little tomato seedlings, and so, so many!
    I'm sorry about the bee sadness.
    We always wanted to do 100 strawberry plants, the most we have done so far is about 25, nowhere near enough obviously.
    Happy homestead days to you!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I hope you had a nice trip and are feeling better. My little boys love sticks too. Every high spot in our house has sticks from when we had to take them away from our little mr. destructos! love, Kyndale

  4. I meant to say, I'm sorry about your bees Pennie!

  5. Wow, Everything looks great!! You guys are planting lots.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. Our strawerries were done last year, and we will be so sad to not have another bountiful harvest, but I am excited for raspberries, so I guess it might even out. Sorry to hear about yoru bees.


    ...and drink the kale smoothies! Iron iron iron the midwives say, right? If you put lots of berries in, you can't taste a thing.

  7. Busy days! That's a lot of good work happening on your homestead.
    So sorry about the bees, ours didn't make it through the winter either.
    Thinking about you and your swelling belly!

  8. wheat, peaches, and so many tomatoes! wow! Sorry about your bees. When you figure out what happened, be sure and give an update. I'm so curious about beekeeping.