Tuesday, March 2, 2010

one small change...march is for recycling!!

here we go (already) with a new change for our family.  not a complete new idea but a serious overhaul and redo.  RECYCLING.  yup.  we are mostly good but sometimes lame and sometimes really horridly lame.  i want to be wicked!  when i went to school (ithaca, new york) the city had free curbside recycling but you had to pay for the trash tags.  they gave out bins and a handy little handout to put on the fridge telling you what to recycle and what bin to put it in.  i used to put recycling out every week but try to keep my trash for about a month in one garbage can (outside!).  it was awesome and i was awesome at it.  so now...i will show you our recycling corner (but don't judge too harshly...i really do try).  and after (hiding my head in shame and embarrassment...we really aren't that gross, i promise!) i vow with all my ability that when i get back from florida (leaving tomorrow) i will create that recycling haven i have often dreamed of.  so...just one picture of the mess...the absolute disgusting mess and when i fix it up...i will post the results. 
well, i guess you can all call me nasty names if you want but you just wait and see...i know i can't!!


  1. Ha! You are funny! I'm really "bad" sometimes at recycling too and often have bags full or piles sitting around. Sometimes I event throw paper or a piece of soaked cardboard away...and then I feel really bad. We're all works in progress I guess you could say...hard workers in progress. Have fun in FL.


  2. excellent goal! i am not laughing. i am feeling very lucky to have the curbside recycling and composting that we have here!

  3. I enjoy your honesty Pennnie!
    Can't wait to see everything organized.
    Enjoy your trip.
    Warm wishes,

  4. I can't wait to be inspired! I really need some organizational inspiration surrounding recycling! Have a great trip! Love, Deidre.

  5. uh, yeah, I thought I wrote a comment. But then I remember, I was totally dragged into moderating a fight in the other room....Pennie, your room there is twins with my garage! For real. We have twin piles. I love happy piles! Love, kyndale

  6. Being a wicked recycler sounds awesome! It will feel so good to have it all in order! Feel free to stop by any time this month and let us know how it is going! http://1smallchangeblog.blogspot.com/

  7. Funny!
    When I lived in Portland they had a great recycling program like Ithaca. But living in rural Maine has its drawback and no curbside recycling is one of them and the nearest drop off is a long drive. So it tends to pile up..

  8. I just love that photo. We have a detergent bottle collection in our wash-room that needs to be dropped off specially at the county center. I wonder how big we are going to let that one get. I am sure it will feel wonderfully spring clean when you finish this one.