Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lovin' this maine spring.

i can't recall a spring here in maine like this one before, although, as i was speaking with our plow guy he and his wife informed me that maine does in fact have a spring every fifteen to twenty years!  cool.  i am starting to accept it but still a bit wary.  we have been already ignoring (further) our indoor chores to stay outside and we have been bike riding, sandbox playing, flower searching and doing every other spring like activity just in case father winter decides he isn't ready to leave!  and oh those lovely, lovely mud puddles!!
now...if you will excuse me i must go finish knitting a certain vest while watching mystic pizza!! 


  1. Mystic Pizza and Knitting. Sounds like my kind of fun! What great photos. Enjoy that spring weather- I know we are enjoying a slight heat wave here in Ohio.

  2. great t-ball pic!
    pennie! I'm glad I made my way back here, via your kind comment on my blog. There are so many blogs to love that I sometimes lose track of a few. Your is now bookmarked, so I'll be back:)
    And yes, a toy boat in a flood help with perspective. Hope you're dry, too!

  3. Ha! We've been having really warm days here too. We all hung outside yesterday, cleaning up our gardens...totally ignoring the huge mess in our house! That sure does look like Eli in that picture. Although Eli doesn't have a pretty sweater like that! Love to you and your family Pennie, Kyndale

  4. I love how spring can be kids frolicking outside but still mostly dormant earth. Such a time of transition! I bet it feels so good to be playing outside again without a billion layers!

  5. Montana has lurched right into spring as well.. it is crazy and I can hardly believe it.. but I will not whisper a complaint :) Isn't it grand to have such weather!
    Have fun knitting.. can't wait to see :)

  6. there is a part of me that years to live a bit on the east coast. i do love my west coast, too, though!
    your valentine arrived!!
    Which Name?

  7. Good to be out enjoying those sunny days! Happy springtime to you all!