Sunday, March 14, 2010

homestead happenings

it has been awhile since i have posted about what was going on here on the homestead.  with our very mild winter seemingly behind us (though we all know it might be back!) rick and i are looking forward to this years growing season.  aside from selling seedlings again which enabled us to fully support our farm, we are offering a couple of farm shares.  we are both really excited to be able to expand our farm and goals a bit this year.  it is all good for learning for when we get to buy our own farm!!  rick is also involved in starting up community gardens here in our town this year and we are also going to have a couple of plots down there as well.  so during our weekend i found crocuses beginning to show and our garlic and rhubarb also up and looking ready.  it is just so early for that here!  i also found this bag of wool on my couch waiting for me when i came home friday...i had split it with one of my spinning friends way back in september and we both just remembered it about a month ago...i guess i should start planning...
we boiled maple sap again this weekend, 70 gallons of it, and got a total of 13 pints which is great (7 of which were shared with the people who participated in the boil).  we raised up the pit with another layer of cinder blocks to be able to stack more wood under the pan and rick thinks that it helped a lot.  all in all the boil lasted from 7 until 3.  
today we finally got around to starting the onions, scallions, celeriac and artichokes the latter of the group being a first time and experiment.  we ended up starting them inside since both boys are sick and nahum was asleep during the preparations.  although it is like he knew because just as we were starting he came downstairs asking to help!  since we only have five flats right now we germinate them in the boys room (since no one sleeps in there) because we can close the door and turn up the heat for just that room and this will be more economical then firing up the entire greenhouse this early for just five flats.  rick is finishing up our organic re-cert and tomorrow we will send it in along with a check to a beekeeper for some of our very own bees. so it looks busy already and we haven't even started...i hope it is a good growing season! 


  1. Hi Pennie,
    How exciting that you've begun planting! And how exciting too that you will offer a few shares this season! I have to say how envious I am of that maple syrup. We have honey here on our farm, but we surely dream of maple syrup! That wool looks it merino or Leicester....looks wonderful. I'm going to take just a few fleeces to the mill next weekend....the rest I will process myself.
    Happy spring to you and yours!
    sending love,

  2. Exciting stuff there! Looks like you're off to a great season. (I just planted a few flats of tomatoes and put them in our untreated greenhouse, brrrr).

  3. It looks and sounds really really great at your farm pennie! warmest wishes to you in this new growing season, I think it is going to be a great one! xoxo

  4. Hi Pennie, we got a book at the library about maple syrup. I was thinking of you when we picked it up! Love from overcast Nevada! Kyndale

  5. I think I would like to be your neighbor Pennie! O to stroll over and watch maple syrup.. maple sap? being boiled down. What a fantastic life there. Wool and seeds and bees and farm shares. I love it all, makes a girl happy to read about it. Your green painted walls too. My fav. color.