Thursday, March 11, 2010

home again home again

there is nothing like arriving home after being gone for a week.  we made it back home this evening to a happy and waiting husband and papa.  my dog was also excited to see me and she doesn't usually let much excite her.  when we left rick he had cleared out the living room and was preparing to redo it, finish the floors and put up some woodwork, repaint.  he finished it all and i can't believe how awesome it looks.  i feel like finally this is the room i have been waiting for and i actually want to spend some time in it.  it feels brighter and just looks amazing.  of course most of our stuff has not been moved back in yet so it looks extra neat and uncluttered.  quite lovely.  i will share some photos of it after i take some during the daylight because the ones i took this evening did not capture the rooms loveliness.  
 ::at the airport waving to the planes before take off this very early morning.

and arriving home all of the bits and pieces of life are presenting themselves to me, the to do lists and farm chores.  we have over 50 gallons of sap to boil this weekend which is a record here at the new boil pit (some of the sap belongs to friends).  we have onions to plant, greens to start and i would really like to sit and plan out some flower gardens for the new beds rick made me last fall.  it will get done all in good time, i am sure.  
 ::flowers from this past summer...i hope to have lots more this year!

tonight though it was beyond lovely to have our food again.  to see a five gallon bucket that is almost half filled with fresh, yellow, yolky eggs, to eat as family around our table, to put the boys to bed in our giant family bed.  i am excited to return to our crazy life which is more scheduled than i thought.  i am excited to play outside in the cool weather wearing my favorite hat. 
 ::here are the boys at a fountain in the palm beach zoo...they did get wet!

and now i am excited to crawl into that giant family bed with a good book...
::a photo from this past summer of part of the giant (king and a twin) family bed


  1. Welcome Home!!

    I love that you love coming home to all your projects. And I LOVE fresh, yellow, yolky eggs. Perfect.

  2. oh, being home is so nice! being in my own bed and eating my own food is so nice! can't wait to see pictures of your re-done floor! Love, Kyndale