Thursday, March 25, 2010

here i am.

hello out there friends and family.  no, i have not dropped off the face of the earth although sometimes i feel like i am sliding very close to the edge...  we have been in and out of sickness,  and i must confess the past several nights instead of bounding out of bed i have been reading a really intriguing book (which i finished last night).  recommended by one of my best friends, cloud atlas, has been an amazing book to read.  i haven't read anything that i haven't already read in so long that i just couldn't do anything else, which is how i tend to read.  ignore everything until i finish my book then wonder why i didn't savor it longer...  so here i am just thought i would share some photos of a few days past to prove i wasn't completely doing nothing (but reading).  the first photos of from a walk that we didn't complete due to the entertaining nature of this fall tree!  the rest are from our maiden bike ride with nahum's new shiny purple bike (he picked it out all by himself at the bike shop in town!).  look how big it is for him.  he does really well with it considering how small that other one was (knees were brushing the handle bars) even if this mama's heart is pounding and i am a nervous wreck he will hurt himself!  the last photo is "a huge, the hugest skid mark ever mama!"  i totally remember doing that as a kid...pedaling real fast and jamming on the breaks!  must get going to work!


  1. I love me a good book like that, too. And I do the exact same thing--blow through it ans then wonder why I was in such a hurry to be done with it. And tha shiny purple bike is fantastic!

  2. Wow! Nahum looks so big on his the picture of them by the tree...

  3. I have been thinking of you Pennie! The first photo is so beautiful!
    My son is all about making skid marks in the dirt driveway these days too!xoxo