Saturday, February 20, 2010

thirty two.

gray and dark brown hair with two or more dreads.  bad back.  hazely eyes.  a bit of extra skin in certain places.  an interesting sense of humor. no memory.  wonderful family.  mama.  daughter.  wife.  friend.  spinner.  chocolate and pizza lover.  baker.  messy housekeeper.  dirt lover.  barefoot and happy.  smiles on rainy days.  busy.  secretly wishing to stay at home and spin wool and raise kids.  secretly wishing to tap my neighbors maple trees.  secretly wishing i hadn't just re-read the entire harry potter for the millionth time so i can start it over again.  trying to be content with where i am.  happy. two.
 ::me. ugly. way back when.
thanks mimi and poppy for a wonderful birthday dinner and a few more laughs this evening.  i love yous.  

happy birthday to paul a., mike w., becky l., paul p., erik m. and any others who share this even numbered day with me.   

p.s.  we went to an antique store today to search for a washstand table thingy for our living room and found one...just hope it is still there when the tax refund comes in!  but i also found this little birthday treat for myself!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a funny and cute baby picture. It always amazes me that we think our babies are the cutest when they are first born, and then we look back at pictures...and just can't seem to see it just the same. It's all those birth hormones that make you want to keep your baby so they tell you they are so cute.


  2. Oh, that baby's priceless. I have some just like it. You were probably being tortured by the photographer. I mean look at that pose!! You are beautiful Pennie, I love what you wrote about yourself. Happy Birthday!! Love, Kyndale

  3. ah haha. We spend our tax refund money over and over in our minds on fun things, until it finally arrives. Then we just use it to catch up on bills. ah well.
    Happy birthday to you!

  4. Hi Miss Pennie!
    HAppy birthday to you! What a super birthday post....I think your baby photo is wonderful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your washstand table will be waiting for you. Love the little hand towel!
    Sending lots of birthday love your way!

  5. You'll be fine- wait til you hit 40- it only gets better really- I had a mini midlife crisis at 38 (20 year high school reunion time). 39 was cool and then at 40- a sudden sense of clarity. Very nice.

    Dont fret about your age unless you arent seeing enough laugh lines coming in.

  6. Happy belated to you! I will be 32 in a month too! It will be a great year! I love your list of secretly wishing stuff...