Friday, February 12, 2010

maple sap...

...its running!!  three gallons in.  many, many more to go.  my favorite time of year...among many others of course!  i am in a bit of a rush tonight since i need to wind some of my mother's yarn into a ball, find a whole lot of fleece and choose some to bring to the annual spin-in tomorrow.  lots of wheels and ladies (and some men) and fiber.  ooohhh gotta go get ready.  we are leaving first thing in the morning.  and then tomorrow night rick's band is playing at the lompoc!!! 


  1. oh yum! How many trees do you have? Have a great weekend Pennie! Love, Kyndale

  2. Wonderful! I wish I was your neighbor to come and see this. It is something I have always wanted to do.. but here in Montana it can't happen! Have a "sweet" weekend.. sounds like a fun one.

  3. how exciting! I have maple dreams, myself, but for now I'll just scontinue to visit your blog!
    Nice to meet you, Pennie. Looks liek we'll be exchanging cards!

    (ps that header photo of the baby is too much!)

  4. Hi Pennie!
    Oh my! I am so so so behind on my favorite blogs! Wow! I so wish we had maple trees in Colorado! You are so lucky! How wonderful! How much maple syrup will you get? Enough to last you through the year? The closest thing to maple syrup here on our farm is honey!....which is good you know....but to have maple syrup would be a dream come true! I hope you and your sweet beautiful farming family are well! Sending love your way,

  5. What! Three gallons in!!! I can't believe the sap is already running, we won't start until 'the spring' I suppose that should be right around the corner beginning of March three gallons is awesome!