Thursday, February 18, 2010

mama spins and papa's gig

first off, i haven't meant to be gone for so long but seriously sometimes life gets in the way of life!  we have been welcoming new friends, visiting with old friends, eating lots and lots of chocolate!, playing in the spring-like weather and now tonight i finally have a moment to sit down and look at what we have done this past week!  i am actually at home alone right now...which never happens so i thought it would be great to play on the computer and eat ice cream for dinner.  rick and the boys are out on a secret mission (my birthday is saturday...) and then to dinner.  i told him that him taking the boys out and leaving me home is the best birthday present ever!  i mean, i can putter and putter and just sit in the silence...okay but this post isn't about that.  i have a few photos from the spin-in i went to last saturday with our group the acadia spinners.  
 then, when i got home we ate a quick dinner and jumped back in the car for a trip into bar harbor to hear papa and his band play at one of the bars (there is no smoking in any bar/restaurant in maine so i feel like i can bring them in anywhere and not worry).  yup, me and the kids.  they ran around until approximately one in the morning as happy as can be.  (yes, they both slept in the next morning!)  nahum has never missed one of papa's gigs...or maybe just one.  but i love him to hear his papa play music and he loves to just hang out and sometimes even hang on his papa while he is playing.


  1. what a wonderful day- an amazing combination!
    a spin in, i love it!
    sounds like you have been busy with some fun stuff!
    have a great birthday on saturday and a wonderful year.

  2. hi! i am so curious now about how you are such a spinner, and not such a knitter...... yet? i love your idea for the pieced quilt. what a good way to learn so many different patterns.....thanks for the answer to the produce question too! and for the nice nice comment. i'll try out the cloth bag with some store bought carrots! i just got some yesterday so i f i got my hiney in gear tomorrow, that would be perfect! i have a feeling they will get limp more quickly, but i still want to see just how quickly that happens. for fun. but hopefully they'll be gone before i can tell. and that maple tree is SO dreamy to me. i considered the name maple for a child because i LOVE maple syrup so much. it's one of the most divine flavors on the earth, to me. i would move to the east to live by a tree like that! is that tree on your farm? do you do the boiling too?

  3. Oh what a fun day! I would love to learn to spin!

  4. We take our kids out to see music till late on occassion too. They always enjoy it so much...even when it is so so late. We don't get out like that much anymore with all four, but Im sure once the weather is nicer something will pop a folk fest here or there.


  5. Spin in? I have never even heard of such a thing, but resolve to be part of the spinning world, eventually. I am completely mystified by it. And how great that your kids can see their daddy perform!

  6. Hi Pennie! Came by to wish you a happy birthday! Thank you for your long post on my blog. Tomorrow, I will be able to sit down for longer and write you back! Love, Kyndale