Thursday, February 4, 2010

fevers, taxes, rashes oh my!

zev had a fever.  now a rash.  that is it.  we filed our taxes.  i am so tired from worrying that zev was okay (of course he is, i mean, he isn't the first kid to ever get sick you know...note to self...) and then worrying that we did our taxes right and won't be taken away by the irs peoples (of course we did, right?!).  zevy hasn't been sleeping very well and we are trying to get him back to his usual, which is painful(y tiring).  but in between all that crazy february (only a couple weeks until the big 32!) excitement we have the usual brotherly love, outdoor play, and project photo shoots happening as well.  
::couple of valentine heart projects::
  ::that wonderful brotherly love::
  ::eggs, eggs, eggs and a surprise in the greenhouse (i thought we lost it all)::
 ::a bit of what is to come, our maple sap boiling pit and the seedling trays::
plus, i am almost officially on call to attend a birth (woohoo!), not as an apprentice (sadly, with tears i gave up my position a month or so ago) but as the child entertainer, comforter, and feeder so my dear friends can safely and warmly welcome their new sweet one into our world.  i am floored that they asked me to be there and i hope i get to see it all and take the photos that she also asked me about:)  i hope that babe make his or her appearance on my birthday...!!!  that has truly been a dream of mine, to attend a birth on my birthday (and to eat chocolate mousse of course!).


  1. I hope your little one is feeling better soon! It's so hard when they're not feeling well. How exciting that you will attend a birth...and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your wish of the birth happening on your birthday! Happy almost birthday Pennie!
    Sending love your way,
    oh....I wanted to ask you about that pretty tin on the wall in your kitchen...where did you find that? I love it!

  2. It is so magical to attend births. I've been lucky enough to attend a friend of mine's as well as my sister's. So lovely being on the flip side of it. Hope little zev gets better soon. We have been dealing with sick and cranky, not sleeping so well, little guys over here as well.


  3. Sap boiling.. how exciting! Lots of exciting things here.. a birth soon, and your birthday too. Greens and eggs and babes playing together.

    I hope your Zev feels better soon. A mother's heart is not settled until her babe is well. Sending love,

  4. I hope Zev is feeling better. Now that he has a rash, he should be feeling better. You sure have a lot of exciting things going on. I do hope that you have your birthday wish come true. That would be so cool! Love, Kyndale

  5. It feels like too long since I have chatted with you in this space!! Wishing your little guy lots of healing! It was so fun seeing that you made a heart with buttons, I just made some felt hearts with buttons we are the same crafty wavelength : ) The egg photo is gorgeous and the basil ahhhhhh.... lots of love xoxo